Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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CryptoPassiveCycler is a valuable Crypto advertising and promotional program offering banner and text advertising credits to promote your business and at same time joining fast and automated straightline cyclers

Members make money by purchasing ad positions. And by inviting new friends to your team and filling out the referral matrix, you create a sustainable income paid every day directly to your wallet. The more people you invite, the more money you make. It's that simple. You'll be building passive residual income streams as long as you continue recruiting new members who purchase positions.

When you become a member you purchase positions from any of the available Ad Packages. Then your purchased positions will be placed at the buttom of the Revenue Sharing line. As more positions are purchased in the line, then then to push your position to higher levels in the line. Once your position gets to the top of the line, it cycles and pay you back the required rebate on your invested amount.

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We have a decent repurchase policy to ensure that more and more people will have their position cycled on this cycler. We have a moderate 70% / 30% repurchase policy. This means 30% of your earnings will go to your repurchase wallet while 70% can be fully withdrawn. Funds in your repurchase balance can only be used to make further purchases of cycler positions.

Here is how our 30% repurchase policy works. Every 24hours, the software automatically use acculated funds in your repurchase balance to buy you new active positions in the system. So you may not have to do the repurchase yourself. Our software does that for you.

Absolutely, you can buy multiple positions in the system. You can own up to 10,000 positions in the system!

Absolutely, the goal of every member at cryptoPassivecycler is to own multiple positions that will be Cycling through the Green line and earning $320.00 over and over again.. If you purchase position $5 blue line, you have to cycler through all six lines to keep earning the $320 over and over again. But if you buy a position in the Yellow line, you eliminate the blue line. If you own a position in the Red line, you eliminate the Blue line and the Yellow line. And if you buy directly a position in the Green line, you are much faster to keep earning $320.00 each time you cycle and you also earn a new position in the line. This is a perfect way to create a non stop residual income.

However, you can own positions in any of the lines before you can earn commission from your referrals in that line.

The Minimum deposit amount is set at $10.00

Absolutely, In our system you don't need personal referrals, the system runs automatically and you don't need to do any work. When a new member join cycler he automatically goes after you and pushes you up.All you have to do is purchase ad positions and the system will work automatically for you.

Absolutely, is a global networking opportunity with No Boundaries! No limitations! Fully International !! This Systems Works For Anyone And Anywhere In The World! You can partake and earn good earns from any country in this world . There are no limits to the amount of people you can reach or geographical boundaries that stand in your way.

As soon as you've reached your minimum withdrawal amount of $5.00, you can request payout with a maximum of $500.00 withdrawal daily. You can withdraw once daily. We manually process all withdrawals Monday to Friday.

CryptoPassiveCycler is a valuable Crypto advertising and promotional program offering banner and text advertising credits to promote your business and at same time joining fast and automated straightline cyclers

There is never any guarantee of earnings in any business without effort. There is a very good chance to gain the community reward, but this amount will be limited. Therefore the more people you refer, the more you will earn.

This depends on many variables, in short, there's no way to put a time frame on it. this solely depends on purchases of new positions in the cycler. There is no specific time frame on this. We absolutely cannot guarantee how long it will take any cycler position to cycle and earn . As additional positions are bought by new members joining, the older positions will surely cycle. It could take a few days, weeks, months , 6 months or even a year for positions to cycle and earn your rewards.

Your deposit will show up in your account automatically after 2 to 3 blockchain network confirmations with Bitcoin transactions. For other currencies: TRON, USDT, BUSD etc. Please allow between 10 Minutes to 30 Minutes depending on the network. Your deposit will show up immediately after the payment process is completed.

CryptoPassiveCycler is not a company. We are a private crowndfunding and networking wealth distribution community with the goal of helping one another create wealth while expanding our network marketing base.

The CryptoPassiveCycler is not owned by any one person because 100% of the earnings are evenly distributed back to the membership. The program creator: Mertins Obertan combined with a group of advanced programmers, Networkers, Netpreneurs, and leaders from South Africa, Canada, Indians, Vietnames, Singapore, Malaysia and USA who have come together with a Network Marketing mindset to offer a simple but profitable referral based crowdfunding platform.

Then please contact our support department and you will get response within 48hrs. Thank you!!